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High-Field Field-Cycler (HFFC)

Our High-Field Field-Cycler (HFFC) is a rapid sample shuttler adapted on your high-field NMR spectrometer.

The compact sample transportation devices, “High-Field Field-Cyclers”, were installed in many worldwide commercial spectrometers. Our device provides high-precise positioning and stability during high-speed shuttling and are compatible with commercial high-field standard bore NMR spectrometers with commercial probe heads, including a cryogenically cooled NMR probes.
Various aspects of relaxation studies, such as relaxivity measurements allow to obtain detailed information on protein dynamics and contrast agents for magnetic resonance imaging at the atomic resolution. Despite relaxation studies, our newly developed add-on module (see also Field-Cycling Illuminator) combined with our High-Field Field-Cycler can perform field-dependent photo-related experiments in solutions, for instance photochemical induced nuclear polarization (photo-CIDNP).

The sample is shuttling up and down with acceleration 131.25m/s2. The shown video is the area of the rail approximate to the probe head.

Key Features

  • Adjustable Velocity: The shuttle's speed and acceleration can be finely tuned to meet specific requirements, allowing for precise control. It is capable of shuttleing the sample at a distance of 100cm within a minimum of 100ms.
  • Exceptional Stability: The shuttle's movement closely adheres to linear motion principles with constant acceleration, ensuring high stability during operation. It reaches equilibrium within tens of milliseconds after high-speed shuttling actions.
  • Customizable Acceleration: Users can program the acceleration profile to suit the sensitivity requirements of different samples, providing flexibility and optimization for various experiments.
  • Effortless Sample Handling: The system offers user-friendly sample loading and packing, using standard NMR tubes without requiring specialized sizes or styles. Sample preparation can be completed in just a few minutes.
  • Intuitive Software: The included software allows for programmable shuttle positions, computer-assisted sample loading, and customizable shuttling profiles, simplifying operation and experiment setup.
  • Broad Compatibility: The shuttle rail design accommodates the most commercially available NMR spectrometers, minimizing compatibility concerns and ensuring seamless integration.
  • Space-Efficient Installation: The device's compact footprint within the spectrometer minimizes space usage, leaving ample room for other equipment or experiments.
  • Versatile Probehead Compatibility: The system is adaptable to conventional probeheads, including cryoprobes, without any special requirements, enhancing its compatibility with various NMR setups.
  • Multi-Purpose Functionality: Besides its primary function, the device can also serve as a regular sample lifter for a wide range of experimental applications, further enhancing its utility.


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