High-Field Field-Cycler (HFFC)

Our High-Field Field-Cycler (HFFC) is a rapid sample shuttler adapted to your high-field NMR spectrometer. It carries the NMR sample rapidly between the stray fields and the acquisition center of the high-field NMR spectrometer. The special design of the adaptation on the spectrometer well preserves the performance of high-field NMR.

Illuminated NMR

We have provided compact and user-friendly illumination devices for photo-related NMR experiments. The illumination module combined with HFFC provides a lighting mechanism to illuminate the field-cycling sample during the NMR experiment for field-cycling experiments. For users who conduct the sample irradiation in a high-field NMR spectrometer without field-cycling, we also have provided a user-friendly illumination device installed directly on a sample tube.

Non-magnetic tools

To reduce dangers and accidents of operations on high-field magnets, selected non-sparking and non-magnetic tools are targeting at durable and safe to high magnetic field exposure, working range up to 20Tesla, even more. Common metric tools for NMR/MRI maintenance are available now!