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What is Field-Cycling NMR?

time profile of field cycling

Field-cycling NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) is a technique that involves changing the magnetic field strength during an NMR experiment. In traditional NMR, a constant magnetic field is applied to the sample, causing the nuclei in the sample to resonate at a specific frequency. By detecting the resonance frequency, we can learn about the sample's chemical and physical properties. In field-cycling NMR, the magnetic field is periodically varied over a range of strengths, causing the sample's resonant frequency to change as well. This allows for the observation of additional information about the sample, including its relaxation properties and interactions with the surrounding environment.

Special intruments required for Field-Cycling NMR

We designed the High-Field Field-Cycler to integrate with commercial high-field NMR spectrometers, providing researchers with a highly advanced method for measuring relaxation properties. This instrument delivers exceptional sensitivity and high-resolution spectra, and is capable of conducting diverse field-cycling studies. It has become a vital tool in molecular science, allowing researchers to explore molecular interactions and folding mechanisms through photo-CIDNP. The instrument's capabilities are further enhanced by the inclusion of a correlated illumination device.

animation of how field cycling works in high-field NMR spectrometer

What is illuminated NMR?

Illuminated Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) merges NMR spectroscopy with light, offering a powerful tool for chemical analysis and optogenetic engineering. Notably, Photo-CIDNP (Chemically Induced Dynamic Nuclear Polarization) enhances NMR signal strength by transferring energy from light-activated photosensitizers to target nuclei. This technique unlocks insights into radical reactions, molecular dynamics, and hidden reaction pathways, revealing the fascinating world of molecular behavior under light's influence.

time profile of illumination during the NMR experiment

Special instruments required for illuminated NMR

animation of how illumination works in fixed field NMR

We have designed two specialized illuminator models designed to seamlessly integrate with commercial high-field NMR spectrometers.

The first model, the high-field illuminator, facilitates sample irradiation within the commercial high-field NMR spectrometer's sweep spot.

animation of how illumination works with field cycling NMR

The second model expands measurement capabilities from a fixed field to various fields. Our innovation combines field-cycling techniques with sample irradiation, allowing for variable stray fields within an NMR spectrometer. Importantly, this device eliminates the need for lengthy optical-fiber flipping during shuttling, enabling rapid and precise movement of the field-cycling sample between the illumination and acquisition sweep spots. The shuttle-illumination device is an exclusive add-on to the High-Field Field-Cycler (HFFC), enhancing the capabilities of illuminated NMR experiments.

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