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Field-Cycling NMR illuminator

The illumination device for Field-Cycling NMR, field-cycling NMR illuminator, can adapt directly to the shuttle rail with a changeable position according to the stray fields of measurements.

Field-cycling NMR illuminator provides a no-contact lighting mechanism to irradiate the field-cycling sample during the NMR experiment. It can irradiate the sample at variable stray fields in an NMR spectrometer. The device has no long optical-fiber flipping during shuttling. Therefore, the field-cycling sample can move rapidly and preciously between the illumination spot and the acquisition sweep spot. This shuttle-illumination device is an exclusive add-on to the High-Field Field-Cycler (HFFC). To learn more about the High-Field Field-Cycler, please go to HFFC.

Key features of field-cycling NMR illuminator:

  1. No optical fiber is required. The exclusive feature is that there is no touching between the field-cycling sample and the shuttle illumination device.
  2. High-power LEDs with optional wavelengths
  3. Changeable illumination positions along stray fields on the adapted NMR spectrometer
  4. Synchronizing illumination timing with NMR pulse programs by TTL triggers
  5. Computer aid for controlling the light powers and various modes of illumination timing available

Available wavelengths and specifications

ColorWavelength (nm)*Max. Irradiance (mW/mm2)*Uniformity (dB) in the sample length of 30mm
Royal Blue440 ~ 455750-0.6
Blue465 ~ 485500-0.5
Green520 ~ 535250-1.6
Red620 ~ 630300-2.8

Note:*The specification of maxima irradiance and uniformity shown here are the values on the surface of the sample tube.
The other wavelengths are upon customer requests

Patent application:

  • Application No.: Taiwan Utility Model Patent M641967 (Status: Active)
  • Application No.: US Patent 18/138,755 (Status: Pending)

No touching illumination mechanism preserves the rapid sample shuttling feature as the standard high-field field-cycler. The high-field NMR spectrometer performance is also well-conserved. Hence, our shuttle-illumination device combined with our HFFC can perform the photo-correlated NMR experiments with comparable resolution and sensitivity as high-field NMR with additional information coming from light irradiation.

Photo-CIDNP experiment tailored to the detection of Hα-Cα resonance on 1µM Trp was performed by our shuttle-illumination device with the HFFC. HFFC was installed on Bruker 700 MHz equipped with a 5mm TXI cryoprobe. The optical irradiation time was 100ms. The illumination field was at the stray field, 150 MHz. This 1H spectrum was collected with 8 scans.




  • One LED module with one wavelength on demand.
  • Option for more than one LED module.
  • *The irradiance is calibrated with demanded wavelengths before installation.*
  • An adaptor on the shuttle rail and a position adjuster
  • Electric power cable for LED module /MMXC/ (the length is according to on-site demand)
  • Control and power module with USB communication to the computer and TTL trigger to NMR console
  • TTL trigger cable /BNC to MCX/ (the length is according to on-site demand)
  • A special optical power meter for irradiation power calibration of the LED module
  • A graphical user interface for controlling the total power of illumination and setup with field cycling NMR experiments
  • The illuminator with 255 levels of adjustable optical power.

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