About us

We are a team that is eager to meet the challenges of NMR-related technology. Our objective is to develop and provide innovative scientific instruments for nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) research.
Nowadays, we specialize in unique instrumentation for High-Resolution Field-Cycling NMR Relaxometry and focus on the continuous development of this technology and diversity of the Field-Cycling NMR method for both academic and industrial research. Our high-quality design and manufacture permitted our product to be utilized for several researches in the following collaboration partners. We are also actively involved in several types of NMR research.

Collaboration partners

NMR core facility in Academia Sinica, Taiwan
CEA Saclay, France
Department of Biochemistry, Maryland University, USA
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, USA
Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, Germany



Thank you for your visit to the 11th conference on Fast Field Cycling NMR Relaxometry in Pisa! If you still have any question, welcome to contact us. We are glad to provide any information no matter about technology or related applications.
To explore more detailed studies on Field-Cycling NMR relaxometry, welcome to visit Prof. Rainer Kimmich's lecture presented in this conference, that can be read in ResearchGate.


    Presented as an Exhibitor in the international conferences:

  1. 11th conference on Fast Field Cycling NMR Relaxometry, June 5-7, 2019 [link]
  2. XXVIII International Conference on Magnetic Resonance in Biological Systems (ICMRBS), August 19-24, 2018 [link]
  3. 39th FGMR Annual Discussion Meeting, Bayreuth, September 25-28, 2017 [link]
  4. The 20th International Society of MAgnetic Resonance (ISMAR), Quebec City, July 23-28, 2017 [link]

    Related applications presented in the international conferences:

  1. Field-dependent high-resolution spectral density mapping using a fast, mechanical based shuttle system
    Sebastian Frischkorn, Ching-Yu Chou, Stefan Becher and Christian Griesinger
    --- by Sebastian Frischkorn at the 59th ENC, April 29 - May 4, 2018, Orlando, Florida, USA
  2. Revealing the spectral density function related to large-scale ns motion by a high-resolution relaxometry approach: a full-range field dependent relaxation study on bacteriophage T5 decoration protein pb10
    --- by Dr. Ching-Yu Chou at ICMRBS 2016, Kyoto, Japan
  3. High Resolution NMR Relaxometry of Proteins: Improved Sensitivity and Applications to a Disordered Protein
    --- by Dr. Ching-Yu Chou at ISMAR 2015, Shanghai, China
  4. Determining the field-dependent relaxivity of contrast agents by using high field relaxometer.
    --- by Dr. Ching-Yu Chou at Fast Field Cycling Conference, 27 - 30 July 2015, Aberdeen, UK
  5. Boosting Sensitivity in High-Resolution Sample Shuttling Relaxometry by Using a Cryo-probe and a Fast Mechanical Sample Shuttle Device.
    Ching-Yu Chou, Minglee Chu, Chi-Fon Chang, Tai-huang Huang, Angelo Guiga, Fabien Ferrage, Dimitrios Sakellariou, the 56th ENC in 2015, USA
  6. Interactions and dynamics of the disordered C-terminal domain of Artemis.
    Cyril Charlier; Ludovic Carlier; Philippe Pelupessy; Ching-Yu Chou; Dimitrios Sakellariou; Geoffrey Bodenhausen; Patricia Cortes; Aneel K. Aggarwal; Fabien Ferrage
    the 56th ENC in 2015, USA
  7. Field-dependent Relaxivity as a Probe of the Hydrodynamics of Gadolinium-based Nanoparticles Designed as MR Contrast Agents.
    Ching-Yu Chou, Mouna Abdesselem, Cedric Bouzigues, Antigoni Alexandrou, Angelo Guiga, Minglee Chu, Tai-huang Huang, Fabien Ferrage, Dimitrios Sakellariou
    EUROMAR 2014, Zurich, Switzerland
  8. High Speed Sample Transportation Apparatus Applying on Field Dependent Relaxation Study: Design and Experimental Results.
    Ching-Yu Chou, Minlee Chu, Chi-Fon Chang, Tai-huang Huang
    EUROMAR, August 21-25, 2011. Frankfurt am Main, Germany