Field-cycling NMR technique is a technique which changes the magnetic fields of the sample during the experiment. This method can be conducted on the applications that require NMR parameters measurements at different magnetic fields, for instance, MRI contrast agent studies or protein dynamics or material science.

In order to measure NMR parameters at a wide magentic field range meanwhile with high-resolution spectra, we designed a high-speed sample shuttling device working on a superconducting magnet (high-field NMR spectrometer). This design uses the advantage of high field spectrometers, which has high-magnetic field and large magnetic field range in the stray field. The field switch is controlled by the speed of sample shuttling. This combination is called "High-Field Field-Cycling NMR". However, this implementation in high-field NMR also brought challenges of hardware design, like the limitation of material selection due to the high-magnetic field environment or the narrow space in the magnet bore, etc.



Field-Cycling NMR

Fortunately, we successfully overcome all the challenges to build a robust shuttle device. Nowadays this device is called "High-Field Field-Cycler" (HFFC) and is avalible commercially. For knowing the relationship between HFFC and NMR spectometer, please visit Product. For inquiry or question, please visit Contact

Product features of HFFC:
  • The sample shuttles with high speed!
    • The shuttle can travel 100cm in 0.08s.
  • The sample shuttles with high stability
    • The shuttle motion follows the linear motion in constant acceleration.
    • The acceleration can be adjusted according to different sensitivities of samples.
  • Sample loading and packing are user-friendly.
    • Easy operation on sample preparation:
      The system uses the regular NMR tube, no special size or style of NMR tube is required. One can finish sample packing in few minutes.
    • Easy operation on sample loading in the spectrometer: computer-aid
  • The shuttle rail is designed for nearly all existing spectrometers.
    • The device is installed in the spectrometer with small occupied space.
    • The system is adaptable for conventional probeheads, including cryoprobes. (No special requirement)
    • The device also can function as regular sample lifting for other experimental purposes.

The rapid movement of the sample tube approaching to the probehead inside the NMR spectrometer is shown in the following video. The sample tube can rapidly be moved in and out of the probehead preciously.